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Testing FLAC files

I appreciate this topic has been addressed elsewhere however the solutions went beyond my technical ability    and would appreciate advice

Using EAC, I completed archiving my CDs to flac without apparent problems, however I now find that there are some (very few I believe) tracks which do not play completely. In foobar2000, the track plays ok at first, but after about 2 mins the player jumps to the next track. Testing the track in FLAC frontend shows the file to be ok!

If its relevant, the hard drive I used was connected as an external usb drive - I had no problems with EAC, but several problems moving files around. I wonder if this corrupted some of the files.

I have tried playing the same problem files on different pcs with the same result.

I now want to test the files in my collection so I can find out how big a problem I have! Somehow I need to create an output file listing of problem tracks which I should replace. If someone knows how to do this, and can explain this in a way I can implement it, I would be very grateful!

Thanks in advance.

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