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Topic: find files in PL w/o replaygain_album ? (Read 1586 times) previous topic - next topic
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find files in PL w/o replaygain_album ?

is there a way to get a list of all of my files that aren't scanned for Replaygain and/or aren't scanned for replaygain_album?

i'm 99% sure all of them have atleast track gain...  but i keep coming across albums that aren't scanned as albums...

also, does foobar still scan files that don't have RG tags when it plays them? or was that taken out a long time ago?

(and correct me if i'm wrong... if a file doesn't have album gain, but has track, foobar will use the track even if playback is set to album mode?)


find files in PL w/o replaygain_album ?

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Hit control A, the right click and choose "scan selection as multiple albums".  Then as it scans, watch which files are scanned and which are skipped.

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