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multimedia keyboard "next" to be "random"?

I just recently switched to foobar instead of winamp, mainly because winamp kept crashing and locking up my sound...

I have a logitech cordless desktop mx for bluetooth (christmas present ) with the setpoint software (which seems to be a replacement for itouch and mouseware...) installed. The multimedia keys worked right away with foobar without having to change anything in the settings of neither foobar nor the setpoint software.

My problem is this: I have foobar running in the background with shuffle enabled. But when i press the next button on my keyboard, foobar switches to the next song in the playlist (which is what would be expected as foobars normal behaviour). I would like to change this, however, so it instead switches to a random song (i imagine changing the behaviour of the button to "next / random" instead of "next").

Is there a simple way to do this, and if so, how do i do it?

Thanks in advance,

multimedia keyboard "next" to be "random"?

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I have foobar running in the background with shuffle enabled.

I take it you mean random? At least with foo_shuffle's shuffle mode it works just great (at least with MS MultiMedia Keyboard). When shuffle is selected, pressing next on the keyboard it plays a random song, when default mode is selected it plays the next.

multimedia keyboard "next" to be "random"?

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yeah, I did mean random. I got hold of the shuffle-plugin, however, and it works like a charm...thanks alot for pointing it out!

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