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[USELESS] Information... 4 A Nub

  Theres soo much info on this sitebut it's soo hard to get at it. I bet 100% of my questions are answered here but WHERE?, so ill just aske them in this thread. Ok. I need to know where to get all of the most up to date audio codecs. (non-beta's) preferrably MP3, ACC (M4A), WMA9... I need to know whats the best quality of MP3 Compression that is possible, size doesn't matter; and with that I need to know what program can do this for me. I want to know what is the best (as in best overall) CD ripper you can get. (maybe an all-in-one cd-ripper/encode/decoder program would be good) Ive tried CDex and I get a dam blues screen everytime I try to run it. (beta and stable version) I want to know what program can encode the highest quality ACC (M4A) audio and highest quality WMA9. As you can tell I do not want WAV... but I want the best quality MP3, ACC (M4A) and WMA9 that is possible.

Thank-you for your information and support.

Ohhh ya what is the best sounding audio type you can get? is it ACC, MP3, OGG?? etc.... excluding wav. ?, ive heard ACC 512bit... that sounds great... but is it the best? it's a little big too about 12 - 14 mb per 3:30 min song. 


[USELESS] Information... 4 A Nub

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Best Ripper - EAC
Best MP3 Encoder - Lame v3.90.3 using --alt-preset standard

My advice - look through the FAQ and stay away from WMA9, or any Microsoft compression format for that matter. If you are interested in the highest quality lossy codec and you don't use and portable player, you should give MPC a look. You can download all the programs you need from - this site offers the latest versions of all the programs you need.

You should take a long look at the main FAQ here - it covers using Lame and EAC -

The MPC FAQ is here -

Good Luck!

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