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[DOUBLEPOST] Graphic Artists needed

[span style='font-size:21pt;line-height:100%']calling all graphic artists, creative minds & photoshop junkies![/span]

we need your help to build up a series of pro-standard skins using the foobar gui add-on foo_looks.dll

we're not expecting you to learn how to program the skins, just submit your bext graphics and our team of coders will endeavour to turn them into working skins


here is a template layout for skin designs (compatible with foo_looks 2.0)

and here is my fooAMP graphics as an example

and finally, the resulting skin:

  • graphic files can be any size, but the core must be aligned with the top-left corner. it is perfectly fine to have buttons drawn under the core too if you like.
  • buttons can be placed anywhere in the graphics, but if you are planning to have rollover/press/toggle effects then they must line up in a vertical column (look at the 'PL' button in my graphics for an example. The order is not important - just make sure they are in columns with no gaps
email me if you have any questions/problems


we're getting very capable as skins programmers, but we've dried up on skin designs and graphics

impress us with your skills, and help the community all at once

email any submissions to me

or come and have a chat on ICQ (486325)


[DOUBLEPOST] Graphic Artists needed

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