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Copying Kareoke Cd's

A friend of mine is a a teacher and uses a kareoke machine and cd's as part of his daily routine.  He would like to copy the cd's so the kids use those and can scratch those without much problem and leave the originals safe.  He has not been able to get any of them to copy.  He's tried EZCD, Nero, and cloneCD.  I thought CLone would work, but aparrently it didn't.  ANyway, I believe that these are CD+G discs and was wondering if anyone had any ideas about how to copy them?
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Copying Kareoke Cd's

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Not all CD devices can read the data on a CD+G karaoke CD, so it may be a hardware problem.  Assuming you have the proper hardware there are two approaches that can accomplish this.  The CDRWin program from will accomplish this if you have one of the drives they support.  This is the approach I use here.  You are also supposed to be able to use Clone-CD or  other similar programs, but I don't use this method and there are "tricks" involved in doing so.  If you want to use the clone-cd approach I suggest you go to and check out their help sections about this.

Is this being run in a LAN environment?  If so, you might want to check into saving the tracks as mp3 with a cdg file and using a player  that supports this as an alternative to burning CDs.

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