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GordianKnot 0.28.7 released

GK 0.28.7 has been released.

from the changlog:
- autosplit is improved (audio parameters are properly used when splitting)
further more some usability changes aswell as updated apps.

(zitat): fear the wrath of the muttering encoders, muuahaha!

gee, I thought everbody know where to get it... o.k., I just forgot to add it
Nothing but a Heartache - Since I found my Baby ;)

GordianKnot 0.28.7 released

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GordianKnot 0.28.7 released

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GordianKnot 0.28.7 released

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...and now the usual mini-update is out 
gk update:

- fixed vdubmod script problem of
- fixed occasional problems with subs split
- updated VDubMod and splitting now works correctly with again
- correct version of DGbob.dll is packaged now

[span style='font-size:8pt;line-height:100%']edit: full version history[/span]
Nothing but a Heartache - Since I found my Baby ;)

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