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New matroska installer packs are out

The new Matroska Packs v1.0.1 are out!
Get them from

Here's the changelog:

- updated code to NSIS v2.0b4
- compression algorithm changed to LZMA -> smaller files!
- added windows version information tags
- startmenu folders added
- ReadMe.html added
- updated to most recent versions
- CoreFLAC Decoder added
- ffdshow: added 'Overlay mixer' option
- ffdshow: changed descriptions
- ffdshow: ffdshow settings - bugs fixed

A word to FLAC support in these packs:
It's now possible to create a MKA file with FLAC audio in it and play it back in DirectShow-based players using the CoreFLAC decoder!

MatroskaProp is not yet included, but will be as soon as v2.4 is out.

Rash, I will implement your idea in the next release of the Matroska Packs!

.: Nibor :.

About FLAC in MKA, and how to use it, i will soon post some more info here


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