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an alternative to EAC?

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>>>'Yes that's what I do as well: Burst Mode. But I can't set it to 1X, instead I set it to 4X (slowest) and then run deglitch.exe (I do all this when secure mode fails). And in most of the cases deglitch finds glitches!'<<<

no errors will be reported in burst mode, so you will have to use your ears to detect glitches

about deglitch: don't rely on it so much. even bryant said it will sometimes trigger falsely. therefore, the best way to detect clicks or any other DAE defects is to use your ears. listen carefully, and if there are any significant defects, they will stand out. try to play the CD in a normal CD player and then carefully listening to the track your ripped on your computer, preferably with headphones, observing any strange clicks and making note of it, then going back to the CD player and verifying it. it's a tedious process, i know, but imho it's the most effective solution
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an alternative to EAC?

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Are there any decent alternatives/equivalents to EAC for MacOS?

an alternative to EAC?

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Burst mode reports errors in "test and copy" mode.
Deglitch finds error on any wav, even perfect. It can even find errors in deglitched wavs.
In order to remove audible clicks, rip twice, open the two rips in a wav editor, substract one to the other, tile windows horizontally, and zoom the differences to the max, so that the smallest ones are visible.
The spikes shows where there can be errors, and gives you an idea of its level. There can be spikes without errors, if the erroneous wav was the target one.

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