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Removing Noice from Wave File

I have lots of wave with some noice like this one i attach,

I use nero wave editor to remove some noice using Enhanchment ->Noice reduction -> Reduction Level 5% Gain Floor -100dB ( default )

The Wave sound good when i play back with nero editor, without any audible backround noise but after save it and play with winamp the noice become more audible. it sound good with Window Media Player and foobar2000 v0.7.4 though.

is this problem with Winamp or it simply mean the wav still noisy?



Removing Noice from Wave File

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You are right nothing but nice there :-)..

it semms t ohave no background noise when i play with winamp.
just som slight "blur" on the voices.
but relly hard to determine if its noise or nvidia  (the way it's ment to be played)
Sven Bent - Denmark

Removing Noice from Wave File

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Isk isk isk, after your reply mentioning nvidia i test again and found that the problem is worst when i use Playback with TotalRecorder instead of my soundcard which sound much much much better 

thanks now i can really test the Ogg quality i encode, before i just thought encoding it gave lots of noise  how stupid i was.

Hmm what you mean with Blur? i dont understand how it sound blur...

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