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CDEX 1.40 beta 9 released!

Download at

CDex 1.40 beta 9, what is new since CDex 1.40 beta 8:

ID3 Tags are now copied when performing MPEG->MPEG transcoding option
Replaced German select all string in the right button menu
Upgraded to latest lame encoder version
Upgraded to latest Vorbis Encoder version(1.0-RC2)
Fixed bug: CDexGenres.txt files was not always found
Fixed bug: paranoia hangs at end of CD
Fixed bug: date tag missing in ogg files
Fixed bug: %tt and %tn place holder were not replaced correctly using the external encoder
Fixed bug: GPF when no selecting was made in the CDDB multiple match selection box
The select all menu item did contain a german text
Fixed the 'Required Resource file was unavailable' but on Win2k OS

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