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[WAREZ] EziiiEncode

This installer contains a stand alone version of Ahead AAC encoder.
You can use it with both command line ( EziiiEncode.exe <input.wav> ) and drag 'n' drop interface.

* Ahead AAC encoder (DLL files in program' s directory) based on Nero
Visit to buy unlimited ver.

* Executable file wrote by Neiro and based on NEncode (a Darp' s project).

* Installer and its script wrote by DKDIB.
Visit NSIS download page to make your installers.
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[WAREZ] EziiiEncode

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Original Post had an exe containing illegal content (Nero DLLs) attached.
Please don't blatantly violate licenses, people are intelligent enough to install Nero themselves.
Help improving FAAC, if you are interested in a high quality, *free* AAC encoder.
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