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Replaygain Synchronization Question

How can one attain the same amount of title gain for MPC, FLAC, or universal replaygain plug-in ? Let's say I want to get the same amount of gain for the same track encoded in MPC and FLAC (because MPC lossy there'll be a bit of difference surely). If MPC decoder headroom setting is at K-20 can one make the FLAC decoder output to be at the same level by altering the pre-amp value? If so how?
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Replaygain Synchronization Question

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You are aware that replaygain for mpc uses a slightly different algorithm than the others? That should be the main reason for differing replaygain numbers.

Replaygain Synchronization Question

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Try K-14 in the MPC plug-in.

The differences in calculation aren't usually too significant.


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