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Request: favourites "shuffle"

I have an idea for the new shuffle plugin, that will add "significance" factor to files.
Many people, I think, just load a bunch of music files and set shuffle on...but in those files are some that we like most, some that we don't like so much, some in between...
So how about a shuffle that knows which files we like most and will play them most often, knows which we don't like very much and will play them sporadically (but won't omit them completely). How will it know this? Well, I propose (apart from manual setting, which should be possible I think  ) that files we 'quick change' to something else (when for exampe in shuffle mode) will get "-" points, files which are listened whole should get "+" points etc. (and it would be good if such plugin I'm talking about would learn whole time, not only when it governs the play).
The exact mathematical formulas which would govern playback based on "+" and "-" points are something to decide (not by me I think...), perhaps with possibility to adjust principles manually...but you get the general picture of this idea.

In the end you'll have a foobar that knows your music tastes and plays mostly what you like 

So, any coder here likes this idea? (unfortunatelly, I'm unable to write something like this at present time...)

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