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[WAREZ] What is a good p2p program

of course I am not asking where i can get warez or copyrighted music tracks since this would be illigal i am just asking which P2P apps are good.

I got edonkey2000 allready and bittorrent 
i used to use soulseek a lot but now they charge for that. any p2p apps you guys recommend.


[WAREZ] What is a good p2p program

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Although it may not directly be illegal, I don't think HydrogenAudio is a relevant place to discuss this topic.

[WAREZ] What is a good p2p program

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Hmm - let's see ...

rule #9:
9. Links to copyrighted or illegal material, discussion containing information of how to obtain such material, bypassing protection methodologies of such material or otherwise violating laws pertaining to such matters will not be tolerated

Even if *you* don't want to use filesharing software to get or share copyrighted material, many people use it that way, so this thread would be discussion containing information on how to obtain copyrighted or illegal material = violation of rule #9.
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