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tag problem

it contains both a id3v1 and id3v2 tag, they look identical in winamp. this sample shows the same behaviour as the full file.

just a clarification; winamp 2.7.x displays the tags correctly, it also reveals what types of tags. what I meant with 'identical' is that both sides (v1/v2) looks the same in WA.

tag problem

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Downloaded, played in foobar2000, junk characters appear. Played in Windows Media Player 6.4, same junk characters.

Works fine in Winamp 5 beta 2, and tag.exe reads it fine.

However, when opened with MP3Utility, this is what I get:
Tag version: 1.0
Title: mirror original version
Artist: Straydog
Album: Mirror Vinyl
Year: 2001          Genre: Trance
Comment: *SRM* efnet #SCREAM

Tag version: 3.0;   Length: 4,281 bytes;   Track:
Title:   m
Artist:   S
Album:   M
Year:   2          Genre:

So I re-opened in Winamp, removed ID3V2. Then copied ID3V1 -> ID3V2. Saved. Reopened in foobar2000 - voilà, works fine!

I suspect the fault lies with the tagging program used - wrong character set, perhaps? If you know which one it is, let us know.

BTW - do you realise your sample is 3 seconds over the limit, you pirate?!?!?!!?

a drunk CD

Edit: added mp3utility report.

Edit2: added accent over a in voilà. It matters, you know. And the pirate accusation.

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