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Music Radio Broadcasting

So, I'm just being curious about your favourite music radio stations on the internet. Please share your bookmark. Let me start. Here are mine:

- BBC Radio
I especially like the programs from BBC Radio 1 with John Peel and Steve Lamacq. The rest is more teenager oriented.
BBC Radio 6 offers good stuffs to listen too (mainly indie pop/rock).
Only RealAudio (unfortunately).

From Santa Monica. I like their eclectic  playlist. My favourite program from this radio station is "Morning Becomes Eclectic".
RealAudio and mp3 (128k).

- Soma FM
They offer a wide range of different music styles. Actually Soma FM is not just one radio station but six with succulent names (Groove Salad, Secret Agent, Drone Zone, indiepop rocks, cliqhop idm, Beat Blender). And also, they're commercial free.
mp3 (128k, 56k and 28k).

- Spank Radio
"Explore the sonic underground of radio, featuring an avant blend of indie, emo, spacerock, electro-clash, dream-pop, fusion and anything else that defies explanation."
mp3 (128k and 56k).

"Where "D.J." doesn't stand for "Dumb Jerk". " 
Real Audio, WMA and mp3.

From Dublin: 12 years on air 11 years on the net (1992), first station in Ireland online.
RealAudio and WMA.

Music Radio Broadcasting

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my favourites are:

Digitally Imported
Electronic music. IMO one of the best stations if you like Trance or House.

Good Housemusic from the UK. Tune in 160k

For all who like Roots Raggae or Dancehall

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