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Question regarding new TOS nr. 13

Ok, I've just read the new TOS posted and explained  by CiTay and they seem fair enough for this "Free speech"-zealot

But (just to get it clear before the feces might hit the fan), how do we handle individual issues where a poster might feel that some kind of moderation abuse might be happening (deletion or "unjust" locking of post/threads)?

This is pertaining to nr. 13 and me liking things being kept in the open.

Would it be possible/acceptable a topic being posted in "Site discussion"/"Off-topic"/"Recycle bin" if a poster might feel like having a reasonable case and things being kept on topic and civil? Or would you rather prefer if such things should be taken up in private between user and moderator/admin/owner?

It's not that I have anything to complain about here at HA (You're all doing a great job and I tend to trust the moderation done here), but I'm wary from experiences with other boards and I would like to hear other people's views and experiences on this subject.

Edit: And after having re-read the "Stepping Back"-thread below (I skipped it pretty early on) I just want to applaud the moderators for the way they have handled that one and explaining their actions. So, maybe I'm just being a bit paranoid

Question regarding new TOS nr. 13

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Didn't we specifically state this in the rule?

To avoid that HA staff have to close several threads about a subject that was deemed unsuitable for HydrogenAudio, it is not allowed to "re-open" threads that were closed. If you do not understand why a thread was closed, send a private message to one of the administrators/moderators or contact them privately.

Question regarding new TOS nr. 13

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Didn't we specifically state this in the rule?

Yes you did, but I still find it a bit problematic. My main concern is how people might be able to discuss possible issues with regard moderating abuse between users and administration.
The other thing calls for a trust that might not always be warranted.

Question regarding new TOS nr. 13

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The aim of this comment is to avoid that someone opens thread after thread because he is not accepting the mods/admins decision. This we will react strongly against.

But I don't think you will be punished for starting a thread to get an explanation if none was given as long as you understand the difference between agreeing (which we don't care about) and accepting (which of course is a must) (that was at least my thought when I wrote that).

However rule interpretation is for the admins.... not a mod like me...

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