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Problems with VBRI header


I have attached the first track of the Flashpoint (Live) album of The Rolling Stones. I have encoded this file using MUSICMATCH Jukebox' VBR mode.

This is how the file looks like (which is correct):


32                                                     0.2%
80     ||                                              3.5%
96     |||                                             4.0%
112     |||||||                                         9.5%
128     |||||||||||||||||||||||                        30.8%
160     ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||       51.4%
192                                                     0.5%

Type                : mpeg 1 layer III
Bitrate             : 140
Mode                : joint stereo
Frequency           : 44100 Hz
Frames              : 1007
ID3v2 Size          : 0
First Frame Pos     : 624
Length              : 00:00:26
Max. Reservoir      : 104
Av. Reservoir       : 44
Emphasis            : none
Scalefac            : 21.8%
Bad Last Frame      : no
Encoder             : FhG (fastenc)
Lame Header         : No

--[ EncSpot 2.1 ]--[ ]--

foobar2000 reports the duration as 46 seconds, although the change-log says that VBRI header support has been implemented already. Winamp 5 (and 2.92, 2.95) also return the correct information.

Anyway, the real problem is decoding the TOC. I have the C++ SDK of the VBRI header, but I don't know much C++. I was wondering if someone could somehow list the TOC entries 1 to 126 (my code reported 126 TOC entries) and post them either here, or send them as PM / Mail.

If you want the official SDK, download it here:

Sebastian Mares

Problems with VBRI header

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This file is corrupted, there is garbage between VBRI header frame and the frame following it; foobar2000's MP3 stream sync code looks for two MPEG frames one after another without garbage between them, that's why it completely ignores header in this file.

Problems with VBRI header

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Well, it sucks... I have tried encoding several MP3 files with MMJB (from WAV to MP3, from MP3 to MP3), but nothing helped. MMJB keeps putting some junk data between VBRI and the second frame.

Problems with VBRI header

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Sounds like you should stop using MMJB, or if you insist on using FhG, try Adobe Audition.
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Problems with VBRI header

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Oh, it's not that I use it. I only wanted to test something out (my VBRI header decoder). I selected MMJB because it can encode MP3s for free.

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