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Napster relaunch

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and currently only runs into bitrate inflation with violin and harpsichord samples. It will be good to ABX this too.

Not sure about pure strings, but vorbis increase the average bitrate with harpsichord too (less than mpc, but deviation is consequent too - at least with mid and high bitrate settings).

I'm interested too by a Bartók sample


Napster relaunch

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Hmmm... I'm not a technician/scientist/audiologist or computer guru, just a music lover/teacher/conductor.  So you'll have to enlighten me on ABX and uploading samples to the forums.  I'm not even sure I can get MP3/WMA/ etc, back into wav format  I'll do some searching on these forums and on the web when I get a few hours free to learn how. 

I don't know much about that stuff - only what hear 8-10 hours a day, mostly live (in a range of performance abilites) and always active.  If you're looking for technical explainations, I won't be able to help.  If you want some samples from my listening experience, that I can do - specifficaly the formats I've tried which are Lame, FastEnc (from MM 7+), wma, Ogg all VBR.  I only briefly tried CBR with a little luck for personal taste except on some rock/jazz.  Ironically, I've used settings and formats based mostly what people recommend on these forums since many here are the "experts."  No need to reinvent the wheel.

I have not tried wavepak (?), MPC or any others since I can't play it on the road.  And I won't take the time since I have no interest in the technical/scientific apsects of this stuff.  My only interest in lossy compression is in its portability, convenience and ease of use.  Like I said, I'm not a technician - only a listener.  If that's not good enough, so be it, tell me and I'll save my time trying to put together samples.  The formats I have tried extensively, mentioned above, I can help with.  There is no guarantee you will hear what I do or I you.  If some are interested in what I hear - then I'll give some more info on my hearing ranges for reference and try to best describe the undescribable:  putting into writing a description of what one hears.

Todd Wideman
President, Indiana Association of Jazz Educators

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