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New Official nForce Forceware Unified Drivers 3.13

For all nForce/2/3 motherboard users. For motherboards with the Nvidia Soundstorm onboard sound, there's quite a bit of improvements. Please read the instruction on the page above carefully and throughly before installing.

Audio Improvements:

    * Realtek ALC655 codec support added
    * Fix for BSOD on loading DLS files
    * Reduced susceptibility to audio glitches under heavy system load; additional fixes for 6 channel GetPosition glitches
    * ASIO support for recording at sample rates other than 48kHz; lower and more predictable latency
    * Fixes for NOLF. The 3D minimum and maximum distance and the roll off factor were not being taken into account for air absorption. Also modified reverb gain so that the max distance was taken into account
    * Fix for EAX reverbs; initialized EAX reverbs to off when querying for the EAX listener interface; updated EAX property handlers to ignore invalid parameters instead of range limiting -- this matches Creative EAX behavior

New Official nForce Forceware Unified Drivers 3.13

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Thanks for the heads-up Wish
on my way to download site....
So much music, so little time...


New Official nForce Forceware Unified Drivers 3.13

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WOW - Words of Warning

Just installed the 3.13 drivers and I guess their is a conflict with Nero's InCD - their UDF program. On reboot the system BSOD. Had to reboot in safe mode and uninstall InCD to get the system going

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