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Emusic: recommended "last downloads"...

With the Emusic policy change coming close, I originally wanted to download as many albums as possible from my stash before the deadline.

However, ever since Emusic announced their change, downloading has been slow as hell for me (and it often takes ages to request files). Therefor, I don't have a chance of even getting halfway through my stash.

Therefor, I put my current stash on my webspace. Look here.

All the albums from my stash are of course unknown to me (although I can read about them on and other sites), so now I'd like to have some recommendations.

So my request to all of you (especially metal fans) is: Please have a look at my stash and tell me what albums from that list are essential and should be my highest priority.

I would guess I'll only be able to download about 10 or 15 more albums from that list, so if you can tell me which 10 or 15 albums are your favorites I'd appreciate it a lot.
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Emusic: recommended "last downloads"...

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Jane Doe by Converge
A Sun That Never Sets by Neurosis
Frozen Corpse Stuffed With Dope by Agoraphobic Nosebleed
Vaya by At The Drive-In

Those are the ones I'd definetly go for (in that order), but I have to admit that I didn't know most of the metal stuff.
Converge's Jane Doe is one of the most impressive pieces of art I have heard in a long time and shouldn't be missing from any record collection.
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Emusic: recommended "last downloads"...

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I think i got everything I need off

I downloaded like 2000 files  each month and emusic send me the email said I should chill the f*** out, and my accout
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