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I like Salsa and similar music very much. To start a thread I had a look at my "salsa_buena.m3u" playlist and grabbed some of my favourite artists and songs. I browsed some onlineshops to find links to music samples and posted these. Enjoy!


Ruben Blades
Los de Abajo
Fruko y sus tesos
Oscar D'Leon
Manolito Y Su Trabuco
Cesar Pedroso
La Sonora Carruseles
Vocal Sampling

Pedro Navaja (Ruben Blades/Willie Colon)
La Vida Es Un Carnaval (Celia Cruz)
Disco Azucar (composer: Cesar Pedroso, performed by Omara Portuondo) - I also like Los Van Van's version.
El preso (Fruko y sus tesos)
Descarga Total (Maraca) - A lot of other songs by Maraca are among my favourites too.
Juegala (Cesar Pedroso)
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