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short envelope on seekbar skip

hi, thanks everyone for your great work on FOobar. i used to be a fan of a mac program called SoundApp before making the switch to pc..and its good to find something like it w/ modern amenities. just one minor request - when you are skipping through a track with the seekbar, the previous and new waveform position are usually different, if this difference is great enough you get an auduble click...and if you are skipping thru tracks enough these clicks become fatiguing to the ears.
ive run into this more times than i can count when building samplers etc. it can be easily fixed by fading the previous sound to 0 amplitude over the course of around 1 ms time, then the new playback position is faded up from 0 to 100% after another 1 ms. no more doesnt seem to happen all the time, perhaps you already have something like this built in and just need to lengthen it to around 1.3 or 1.5 ms...other than this minor issue things sound great...better than winamp to my ears...


short envelope on seekbar skip

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Use Direct Sound v.2 output plugin.

short envelope on seekbar skip

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thanks, i had been using ASIO. didnt realize this setting was available with ds...

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