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Need avice re: decoding some old JFAX voice mail

This is my first post so I apologize if this is not an appropriate forum for my question.

Problem: I have a bunch of old voice messages that are archived with my old email, the content of which has recently become of great importance.  They originated from an account I used to have with JFAX Communications.  The mime type is of 'Content-type audio/x-gsm', so naturally I searched for anything I could find pertaining  to the 'GSM' codec variety; alas, my experience in the realm of digital audio is fairly limited and I was unable to determine what codec or tool I need to decode/transcode/playback this format.  Actually, I *was* able to open up the content with the free JFAX Messenger software and export the files to 8 kHz 16 bit mono waves.  However, I do not have to rely on having their crappy software and advertising crap installed on my computer in order to decode these messages, if possible.

If anyone is aware of any tools that recogonize this format (again, all I have to go by is the *mime-type* of 'audio/x-gsm' and file extention of the attatchments), I  would be greatful of any pointers...  Thanks.


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