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Music Progression

Rap ==> Rock ==> New Age ==> Classical, Jazz & Film Scores ==> Anime, Game, Electronica & Experimental

Favorite Music Genres: Classical, New Age, Jazz, Rock, Electronica, Experimental, Film Scores, Anime, Game...

What type of music genre(s) did you first get into (during the 80's 90's & so forth)... and what music genre(s) are you mostly into now?
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Music Progression

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What type of music genre(s) did you first get into (during the 80's 90's & so forth)... and what music genre(s) are you mostly into now?

  In the 80s I was getting into my 20s.  I first got into music in the early 70s.   

Sesame Street tunes, Mr Rogers tunes ("It's a wonderful day in the neighboorhood...") -----> Muppets tunes -----> Disco (hey, it's what was playing on every radio station) -----> Rock (mainstream), Hard Rock, Metal, Rap (Run D.M.C. was new) -----> Classic Rock -----> Country (I still have nightmares    ) -----> Alternative Rock, Grunge, Metal, learning about Classical -----> now: Punk, Post-Punk, New Wave, Progressive Rock, Psychedelic Rock, Metal, Alternative Rock, Riot Grrrl, Grunge, Electronica/Techno, New Age, Classical (mostly Baroque).

Music Progression

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Started out with "Baggerführer Willibald" (labor movement music) and "Äffle & Pferdle - Bananenblues". Äffle & Pferdle were cartoon characters of a public access channel. Continued with those "Spielen & Lernen" (a magazine for parents and children) tapes with kids music about losing teeth and the likes. On the radio I heard a song which I think is "Jule Neigel - Schatten an der Wand" (Shadows on the Wall) which I couldn't get out of my head. Comparable to some Nena songs I think (but it's been a long time).

I then got introduced to MC Hammer but wasn't actively persuing music as a hobby. A friend of mine listened to country alot and I enjoyed some of the choons (he switched to heavy metal meanwhile and has wiped his memory of country). Especially: "Toby Keith - I Miss Billy The Kid". "MC Hammer - Too Legit To Quit" was my first album on casette.

Didn't have much interest in music for a while until I saw some Haddaway (which would be dance) on MTV or something. Especially his song "Life". I'm not a fan of his work today, but it sure reminds me of the good ol' days and was allready pointing in the right direction. Also on MTV I then found this song "Westbam - Celebration Generation" (not much lyrics there.. just "Celebration Generation" again and again plus some female moaning and groaning ). This song still rocks me today. It has everything: pounding bass, nice acid lines, sweet gong like sounds and female/robot vocals. Westbam's "Bam Bam Bam" was the first album I owned on CD.

From there I've only been broadening my taste to include most electronica (esp. The Prodigy). I'm particularly fond of progressive trance these days (as in "James Holden", "Sasha", "Adam Dived", "Max Graham", "Oliver Lieb", "M.I.K.E."... the list goes on). Nice pop/rock/punk is nice as well and a dose of hip-hop now and then for a change. The only thing that really scares me is that new soul crap like Destiny's Child and Co... I don't know their names. Most of what is running on "hip" radio stations in Germany these days.

Via a detour over New Age (Enigma and some Yanni) I've come to appreciate Celtic/Irish music in the last couple of years. It really is something else and a grand experience all in all. Wonderfully detailed music full of emotion that doesn't need any distortion to sound good. Really shines on good equipment.

Music Progression

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My musical progression was:
Early 60's...Parents music Country ie..Johnny Cash, Hank Williams ect...
Mid 60's.....Rock and Roll..Motown, Buddy Holly, Platters, Elvis ect...
Late 60's....Physic ROCK...Jimy Hendrix, Woodstock, Strawberry Alarmclock, Electric Prunes,
70's -present..Clasic Rock..Jimmy Hendrix, The Who, Ted Nugent, AC/DC, Led Zepplin, Robin Trower..The list goes on
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Music Progression

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c64/amiga-demoscene music->80's pop ->oldskool-techno ->hardtrance ->goa ->electro ->goth-rock ->medieval ->metal ->jazz ->ambient & experimental ->idm & downtempo

As one can see, i always managed to jump off the train just before it became "more popular" - just to find a new style i do like 'til it becomes mainstream again

Oh, but today i'm listening to everything of the above and more  i don't care about genres any longer, but about how music is made - if it either has character and soul, or is just easy-consume-fastfood (most extreme opposites).

- Lyx
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Music Progression

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70's : Progressive & art rock (Genesis, King Crimson, Floyd, Van Der Graaf etc.) and late-sixties pop/rock (Beatles to Hendrix...). Some hard-rock (Deep Purple...), some french singers (Higelin, Lavilliers, Béranger...)

late 70's : lots of post-punk rock (Pretenders, Clash, Costello, Blondie etc.)

80's : same as 70's (minus prog & art rock and frenchies) + Prince, Springsteen and... well, almost anything. 

90's : Lots of 60's soul, some blues, some 50's R&B. A little bit of jazz.

00's : I'm listening to 60's (and some 70's) soul most of the time and a little bit of pretty much everything : reggae, rock 'n' roll, pop, rock, folk, jazz etc. (no trash-metal or techno, though. I'm too old for this!  )

Music Progression

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"My name is Michael, I got a nickel, I got a nickel shiney and new..." That was my first personal "hit"  I also remember telling anyone who cared to listen to an 8 year-old that The Beatles were my favorite band. After that it was a pretty wild trip ranging from Latin American folk singers (Silvio Rodriguez, Pablo Milanes, Santiago Feliu, Inti Illimani, Illapu, Quilapayun, Congreso, Los Jaivas, Piero, etc.) to Disco, Rock, "Latin Rock" (not sure if that's really a genre!), Heavy Metal, Punk, Electronica, Techno, New Age, Fusion, Jazz, some Classic... the list is pretty long. About the only thing I can't stand for too long is Sound, cumbia played with electronic keyboards, very popular in northern Chile   

Cheers, Joey.

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