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"must have" Rock Albums..

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Having read maybe half of what has already been recommended, I would like to field my own suggestion.

The self-titled debut album from Audioslave.

"must have" Rock Albums..

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BAD BRAINS - i against i  (blending hardcore, reggae, funk like no one else, the best band ever...  for me  )
HUSKER DU - zen arcade  (hardcore,60's pop, free rock, the most influential indie band of the 80's)
FUGAZI      - repeater      (do i have to comment ?)
INSIDE OUT - no spiritual surrender (redefining hardcore, some guy called Zack De La Rocha on vocals fwiw)
DESCENDENTS - enjoy        (when pop punk wasn't on MTV)
SLINT          - spiderland    (pre post everything)
RITES OF SPRING - s/t        (this is emo)
MISFITS      - walk among us (cannot explain)
INDIGESTI  - osservati dall inganno (italian hardcore at it's best)

CELTIC FROST - into the pandemonium
VOIVOD        - dimension hatross
CYNIC          - focus
DEATH ANGEL - frolic through the park
BLUE CHEER  - vincebus eruptum

kinda pop/rock/folk:
the SMITHS    - s/t
PHIL OCHS      - all the news that fit to sing
the BEACH BOYS - pet sounds
everything by GRAM PARSON
LEMONHEADS  - its a shame about ray

23 SKIDOO - seven songs
the earth is flat and the bottom is a place we call hell...

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