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plugin writing tutorial

I want to create my own fb2k plugin, but I just don't know how to get started. I have already downloaded the SDK, and everything seems to be working (I have compiled foo_infobox_simple and it works). But I find it very difficult to start with my own plugin. The SDK doesn't any documentation, only a lot of source code, and guessing how things work by reading other plugins is really hard. I was wondering if there is some kind of tutorial that explains some basic things.


plugin writing tutorial

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First think about what plugin you're trying to write 

Then try to find plugin that does similiar things, or operates in similiar area (dsp, visualisation, file processing, etc.).

Try to find source code for this plugin (lots of official, as well as 3rd party plugins are open source) and examine what interfaces it uses, how it uses them etc. Experiment. Perhaps start your plugin by removing unwanted parts from other plugin and replacing them with your code?

If you can't find similiar plugin, take a look at header files in foobar SDK and examine what kind of interfaces are available. Most of them are also described in *.h files' comments. Experiment with them.

If you have problems, ask specific questions (regarding compilation problems, sdk usage, etc.) in developers forum, but don't expect that someone will give you complete solution for your plugin

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