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Broadcast-quality audio streaming?

Read test results from Sep 03 audio test of various codecs at 64 kbps.  But we're a radio station needing a CODEC for live remote broadcasting.  So, we need to actually "stream", not just encode, from our remote back to the station then out over the air.

We use a 500 MHz laptop PC with about 190M of RAM running Win 98SE.  We currently use DSL at the remote and at the station, but I want to be able to stream wireless using Verizon or Cingular when they get their speeds up; hoping for a consistent 64 kbps.

We've used Windows Media Encoder.  It sounds good, but there's a 10 - 15 lag due to buffering.  Very little budget.  Suggestions?  THANKS!

Broadcast-quality audio streaming?

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Ogg Vorbis was designed to be streamable, and although it didn't score as highly as HE-AAC or mp3pro on the 64kbps test, it still sounds pretty good, and evidentally, usually comes in under 64kbps if you use -q 0

Broadcast-quality audio streaming?

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Try using a mono 64kbps CBR (or ABR) stream. Unless you really need stereo, the quality of a mono stream at 64kbps and lower will be much better.

Try mp3 or ogg. There are plenty of (free) tools to stream mp3 (look at shoutcast!) or ogg. Ogg will sound better (but if you go mono, not stereo, it won't matter as much); mp3 may be easier. You should be able to reduce the buffer to reduce the delay, though it increases the chance of drop-outs. The delay of the encoders themselves is small compared to the buffering delay.

This is theoretical advice: I haven't tried it. Sorry! Hope it gives you some ideas though.


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