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First free energy device patented!!!

MEG Scalar Energy Device Patented

They say that production may start next year (why the wait?)

Buy one and forget about invoices from the electrical plant, also forget about gas invoices, buy another with a electrical car, etc, etc, etc.

A new world is coming?

Inventor's site:

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First free energy device patented!!!

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I don't get wtf they are talking about.  Anyone understand how this thing works?
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First free energy device patented!!!

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Check out this page:

Sounds like a whole lot of hokum to me.  I'll believe it when I see it in operation with these particular two eyes. 

How do they derive the concepts of 'mass mind control' and 'instant healing' from scalar electromagnetics?  Next thing you know they'll be claiming time travel is possible with the aid of magnets...

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