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I was wondering if anyone could make some recomendations for using NEncode to do batch encoding.

I have roughly 1000 CD's that I will be ripping to mp4. 

I plan to rip to .wav first from cd and then encode to mp4 with NEncode.

Heres is what I'm looking for:

1) Ability to do recursive batch encoding from a single primary directory.

2) Ability to attatch tags that can be read by winamp.  (I would like to be able to create the tags from the file names.)

I have had success using audiograbber with NEncode but the files are not tagged, and frankly it would take me years to wait for every cd to finish encoding during the ripping process.

If someone could offer any suggestionss, plus explain how you actually manipulate NEncode via commands I would really appreciate it.

To all you folks writing the code and connecting the dots thanks.....


WB    B)


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Still doesn't work.

I installed the package and included aacmp32.dll

but gives the damn error nRetCode etc.etc.

wtf does it means????


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Where can i get the tag program (tg.exe) ?
Sven Bent - Denmark


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It's richard123's mp4 command line tagger. See this thread.
WavPack 4.3 -mfx5
LAME 3.97 -V5 --vbr-new --athaa-sensitivity 1

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