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>> Synchronization: Mainly for iPod but other HD p

dBpowerAMP Audio Player has been updated with a major new feature - syncing with a portable device (as handled by Sveta). Under 'Collection' button is a 'Synchronize with portable player', select the player and if necessary set also a selective play to exclude certain files, then synchronize - real simple! On the next page which says which files are to be synchronized: any that are unchecked - ie don't sync are remebered for next time.

I think it is much more advanced than iTunes offers on the Mac, selective synchronizing - ie you can set just to sync tracks with a preferrence greater than X, or a certain Genre. The preview of what is to be synced with the option of excluding permanently files, quickly and easy.

What you need:

dBpowerAMP Audio Player Release 2 beta 4:

Sveta Portable Audio Release 4 beta 3:

and if you have an iPod this new driver (full changes listed below):

It will work on other Hard disk (Creative dAPs) players as well (I don't really envisage anyone syncing a collection from PC to Flash player, perhaps with a new Rio 1.5Gig...) and flash players. The tagging might need tweaking on those players (I have the iPod working), so if you sync a bunch of files to the portable and next time it wants to sync the same files again let me know.

All Changes to iPod Driver

New Xtra command 'Search iPod for lost audio'
Option to Write filenames as [Artist]\[Artist] - [Title]
With Latest Sveta (beta), can play a track from the iPod, by either double clicking it, or right click and Play
Compatible with dBpowerAMP Audio Player Synchronize
Bug Fix: Deleting all files and refresh no longer shows the old files

>> Synchronization: Mainly for iPod but other HD p

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Another reason to use dBPoweramp!

I hope Spoon creates similar features for the Rio Karma

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