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What is "wiki" ?

This didn't get answered in the first post.

What is "Wiki" and what is a "Wiki directory"?

I also never heard of these terms before.


What is "wiki" ?

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Basicly its a system that allows for a group of ppl to create a website together; meaning that everybody can edit the pages and add new pages.
So this way all HA members can sign up and help out.
If you want to add some information to the wiki pages just hit "edit" and you'll be allowed to change the page.
If you want to make a new page you have to create a link to it from another apge like:


then there will appear a [MP3]? on the page and when you hit the "?" you will be allowed to create the page "MP3".

You'll have to use the formatting system we chose though: reStructuredText.

Hope that gives you an idea... Dunno how to explain it really...

What is "wiki" ?

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Your explaination was perfect!   

Now I understand.  Dex

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