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Topic: foobar2000 can't full play a sonng? (Read 6435 times) previous topic - next topic
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foobar2000 can't full play a sonng?

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That option being togglable would cause even more mess because track length reported when enabled would be different than track length reported when disabled, forcing users to manually reload info from files after toggling. Just manually fix all problematic files and you will be fine.

foobar2000 can't full play a sonng?

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I like foobar, so I say:
many people only know foobar2000 sometimes can't full correctly play some songs, but so many other players works fine.

And you tell me I can manually fix all problematic files, I suspect beginners(me too) can  quickly fix so many problematic files.

At last, I strongly suggest the developer consider the "full correctly play" first.
not such "gapless" still unknow for many people.

foobar2000 can't full play a sonng?

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Corrupted files aren't common. Unless you *cough* pirate music from p2p networks. And if you do, you have a worse problem somewhere else.

foobar2000 can't full play a sonng?

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Could be possible in far future to "Fix MP3 Header" for multiple selected files?

Thanx Narag


foobar2000 can't full play a sonng?

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Well, I have revisited the files with a different tool. Anyone have any experience with MP3Utility?

MP3Utility Info and Download

It looks like an excellent tool and it gives quite complete results. It did find several files that foobar did not complain about.

Whether this helps with my foobar problem or not remains to be seen. But it will help toward having a cleaner collection I think.

I'd like any opinions on this tool though. I don't want to spend time if the tool is not accurate. As I said, it certainly looks complete/accurate.

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