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[bug] always on top

well, i have 'always on top' turned on. But after launching foobar it doesnt recognises that this option has been selected and window isn't in 'always on top' mode. I have to turn it off then on (always on top, not foobar) to make it works.

english is not my native language, so sorry for mistakes and grammar.

aghrrr - foobar2000 version: latest - 0.7 RC11 (and previous, too - as far as I remember)

[bug] always on top

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Can't reproduce.

[bug] always on top

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whooa - i checked it few times, and here is what I've found:
1) it works OK
not always.

I susspect that it may be Windows problem, but here is how to make foobar with selected 'always on top' to launch without that.

1) start Internet expolorer, calc.exe or anything. minimize it to taskbar
2) start foobar (I have a shortcut on QuickLanuch taskbar)
3) while foobar is starting up, restore app started in 1)
I mean click on taskbar immediately after starting foobar.

I have 3 playlists with about 3000 items each + database (if it slows down foobar starting procedure - that is why I'm pointing that).

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