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Feature request for tabbed playlist

Just a minor detail, but it would be nice if the name of the tab was filled in as default "file name" when selecting "Save playlist..." after right clicking a tab.

This was such a short request, so I'll fill this white space with some more requests/questions (that i hope will be answered  ). Even though I realize that this tab feature is not mature yet I find it a great enhancement and my anticipation makes me wonder:

1) I find the "double click status bar to find currently playing track" very useful. Any change this will ever work with tabs too when the tab the contains that track, is not in focus?

2) Any plans to make it possible to continue playback in another tab than the one in focus after a track is finished?

3) I have tried to get an answer to this last question in other threads, but with no luck, so with my own thread I'll try again  . Will you ever, and/or is it possible to make the name of the tab accessible for playlist formatting? I would like to use it to make the display dependant on a part of the tab name for "inteligent" formatting of the contents. I currently use this for directories (if it starts with 'VA - ' it is treated as a Various Artists album) and I think it works very well.

Anyway, I enjoy foobar2000 alot and formatting is only one of the nifty features that makes it stand out from the crowd.
I'm amazed from time to time how this player and it's creator makes me addicted to features I didn't even know I needed. Keep up the good work! I for one admire your judgement and skills.
This was my contribution as a counter weight to the negative feedback I've seen concerning v0.7.


Feature request for tabbed playlist

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You're such a suckup  haha jk. Yea I like the idea of continuing to the next playlist, even if it's just a checkbox option it would be nice.  Also using a playlist as a default to put incoming files doesnt always work, especially after deleteing and recreating the playlist. Just something I noticed.

Feature request for tabbed playlist

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Yes... These are good suggestions! Would be nice to get them integrated.

Another suggestion: More Mouse Support... Scrolling with mousewheel on the playlist-tab would change the playlist... [e.g. in MyIE2].
Doubleclicking on the playlist will close it.

A perplaylist based playlist formating string [Album Mode/Single Mode] would be the greatest thing for me :-)

Feature request for tabbed playlist

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I've said it before, and I'll say it again:

There should be an option to force one playlist to be active at all times, so if I change tabs I don't lose whatever was playing in the last tab.

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