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bug: progress bar gives white noise

whenever I try to use the progress bar to jump ahead in a song, the music turns into really loud white noise. I'm using windows 98.

edit: if I change the input device to DirectSound, the progress bar works. its only broken whilst using waveOut.

bug: progress bar gives white noise

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Not reproducible in WinXP SP1 with WaveOut at 220 ms buffering.
16-bit, no resampling, default dithering, Audigy1 (Audigy2 drivers).
Assuming the 'progress bar' is the seekbar implemented in the 0.7 toolbars, not the 'Jump To Time' one.


bug: progress bar gives white noise

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Bug - yes, in foobar2000 - no. Please report it to your soundcard manufacturer instead. Topic closed.

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