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Topic: "Mp3tag" now with MusePack-support ! (Read 6916 times) previous topic - next topic
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"Mp3tag" now with MusePack-support !

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Mp3tag perfectly reads the Russian text from APEv2 tags, but writes them not correctly (??? instead of letters and cuts some letters)

Sorry, Mp3tag doesn't support UNICODE. This is also not planned, because it would be a very, very time-consuming task.

~ Florian

"Mp3tag" now with MusePack-support !

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Here is the latest version of Mp3tag, which fixes all known bugs of v2.13 concerning the MPC-format:

MP3-Tag V2.13 j (Developer build)
Release date: Mon, 01st of Sept, 2003

Most important bugfixes were:
- no leading zeros at tracknumbers when this option was set.
- crash of program at mistaken MPC-tag-fields (wrong size)
- leading zeros were not shown at preview-page
- not being able to read MPC´s which had APEV1.0-tags
- automatic update of MPC´s with APEV1.0-tags to APEV2.0

From Version 2.13j on now also support of "Monkey´s Audio"-files (ending .ape) !
My used codecs and settings:
FLAC V1.1.2 -4 / APE V3.99 Update 4 -high / MPC V1.15v --q 5 / LAME V3.97b2 -V2 --vbr-new / OGG aoTuV V4.51 Lancer -q5

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