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Adding Columns To DarkOne v4.0 Playlist View

I added two columns to my playlist view for this theme I use exclusively with fb2k.  The two columns are sample rate and bit depth.  My fb2k player appears as follows as I play tunes.  My screen resolution is 2560x1440.  The fb2k image below is actual size.  This is the reason I added a link to it below:

Here's how to add these two columns:

Click the menu button followed by preferences:

When preferences pop-up appears, navigate to Display->Columns UI->Playlist view on the navigation pane to the left.  Click the Columns tab over to the right:

Click the New button to create a new column.  This first column will be Sample Rate.  Enter that text in the title input, and set the width to 60.  You may adjust the width as needed to meet your needs.  After you have done this, click the Display script tab next:

This is the script to enter as shown above:
Code: [Select]

Click the New button again to create the Bit Depth column:

Enter the title and a a suitable width that works for you.  40 works perfectly for me.  Next click the Display script tab:

Here's the script for this new column:
Code: [Select]

If you do not like 16 to display when bit depth is blank, change this script to show whatever you wish.

That's all there is to it.  After you have completed these steps, you will now easily see sample rate and bit depth for every item in your play list.

Re: Adding Columns To DarkOne v4.0 Playlist View

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Here's something I found rather interesting with these added columns--  Remember those older audio CDs that were DTS encoded?  I ordered a few of those years ago and still own them.  I ripped these CDs as FLAC files, and added them to my music library.  One of these was shuffled into fb2k's mix that just played.  Take a look at the bit-rate depth that shows:

It is showing 32-bit, but I am not sure where that number is coming from.  Here are the properties of this particular file: