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Downloading and Setting

I first posted this question in General Audio yesterday, not realising this section existed, and being a new member, I'd better say hello to everyone
I am certainly no computer expert and I am having problems downloading Components and putting them in to the Foobar App
I have downloaded Foobar2000 and installed it, but I have tried to follow instructions and videos on the net, but it is not working for me and I am hoping someone would kindly help me out:
I am away from home and do not know anyone who can help me out, so I will ask some questions

I have downloaded 5 of the components list onto my computer, and I have double clicked on each download after pressing install on the Foobar Preferences-Components page, but they do not suddenly appear on the page as on a video I watched:  I am getting a window come up Save, Save As and I am then lost  :'(
I will tell you that this has all come about by Windows 10 update, before everything was working fine, I have now had to re-install windows from scratch and start again, 2 out of every three Windows downloads stops me playing  my system due to drivers changing and being removed:  I only use a mini fanless pc, controlled by a 7" touch screen and play my music from a external hd
I would also like to know, if and what drivers I should install, when I finally get this problem sorted
I apologise for not going through the archives, my head is done in after 2 weeks of trying to do something with computers which I know nothing about, and watched more videos and read threads than is good for you


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