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wma support


i'm using foobar2000 v0.7 beta 36 for the 1st  time... i really like it!

the problem is that i try to play a song in wma format, and it can't read it. 
it'sreally a bug our not? wma is a famous and usual format, that's because i'm not shure of it


that's all for now,

wma support

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To use foo_wma you need to have the Windows Media Format 9.0 Runtimes, which are not included with windows XP. I'm not sure where to download them however, perhaps someone knows?

wma support

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It seems likely that you only get the runtimes as part of the evil that is Media Player 9.

For XP: link

For 98se/ME/2K: link

If it's not, then I don't know - there's no Media Format SDK listed on their current Platform SDK Update page.

wma support

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wma is a famous and usual format, that's because i'm not shure of it

wma is NOT famous in these forums, or maybe I should say, wma is infamous  (ok ok I know about wma9pro). Maybe that's why foobar2000 does not support it by default, and you need to add the plugin manually.

If you hang around in here more often and read up on the other audio formats, you may find yourself ditching wma. Be forewarned.

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