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foobar2000 doesn't read metadata correctly


I recently noticed that foobar doesn't detect my albums, genres and album artists like it used to. I have done the metadata myself using Mp3tag and everything worked fine for months.
From the 2 attached screenshots you can see that the metadata is correct on Mp3tag and detected by foobar however neither album nor genre is showing up in the dedicated foobar windows.

Re: foobar2000 doesn't read metadata correctly

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Yes, I had checked it beforehand and it looks fine.

Re: foobar2000 doesn't read metadata correctly

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Hi there,

You might need to remove square brackets for Facets columns. See the post here.


Re: foobar2000 doesn't read metadata correctly

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Oh well I just reloaded my layout and it seems to have fixed it. If it ever happens again I'll give your solution a try.

Thank you anyway.

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