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ReplayGain issue

So I've been using ReplayGain for many years, and I've noticed that some older recordings are significantly quieter than newer ones, e.g. I have to turn up the volume on my Van Halen, 1984, and ZZ Top, Greatest Hits, more than a few ticks to get the volume to the same loudness as any of my albums from the '90s and later.  Everything is ripped directly from CD using Windows Media Player 10 & 11, in 44.1kHz 320kbps MP3.  I actually suspect it's the RG algorithm, not FB2K, because I think I remember having the same problem when I used MP3Gain before I started using FB2K.

Has anyone else noticed this?  Anyone have a clue why this happens?  Is there a possible fix, short of manually altering the RG tag data in each mp3?

Thank you for any feedback.

Re: ReplayGain issue

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 Have you scanned the audio files and applied RPG values to them? Is "use RPG" turned on in foobar?

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