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Make foobar playback order options mimick Poweramp

I’ve been struggling to get Foobar to play shuffle in the right way. Like after selecting a track, having it return to previous position in the playlist and stuff like that. I hear repetitions even though I’m not using the random but the shuffle (track) option after restarting. I don’t like using the Randomize option either.

In Poweramp (the Android app) the playback options are just perfect. Is there any plug-in that can get me that functionality the way it’s implemented in Poweramp on Foobar? Or an approximate version of it?

Re: Make foobar playback order options mimick Poweramp

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I start by playing (for example) an album.
While listening, I browse through the library and find a few songs that I want to interrupt normal playback and listen to, which I add to the temporary 'Queue'.
After the currently playing song from my album has finished, the Queue commences playback and it continues until the last enqueued song has been played.
When the Queue has finished, playback returns to normal album mode (playing the next song in the album that I was originally listening to).
If I want to enqueue any more songs to again interrupt my normal album listening, I go back and repeat step 2. The new songs again start playing after the current album song is done.

Re: Make foobar playback order options mimick Poweramp

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So no one can help with any brilliant suggestions?

Re: Make foobar playback order options mimick Poweramp

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Anyone, is there a way to add to top of playlist?
If so, then with a Queue playlist using , you would have it.

There is a way to do that by a single song, if you go to advanced preferences and uncheck the flush queue. (Search for "queue" and that is the only thing that shows up.) But the "Play" function works only with a single track.
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Re: Make foobar playback order options mimick Poweramp

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Sorry for the very late response - I had a lot of trouble logging in the last few weeks.

I use foo_skip to automatically skip any tracks that have been played in the last 8 hours. You need to also use a statistics plugin for it to work. I use foo_playcount. Here's my script:
Code: [Select]
%last_played% DURING LAST 8 HOURS

With these plugins, I find foobar's shuffle to be perfect, except that it reshuffles when you restart the app. I wish there were an option to keep the same shuffle between restarts.

Lastly, Porcus - I love your avatar. I call it a "snoutlet".
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