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CUETools 2.1.9

Unofficial announcement.
CUETools 2.1.9


CUETools 2.1.9 (2021-05-01)

    Codecs: Update WavPack to 5.4.0
    Update Russian translation
    EACPlugin: Add Newtonsoft.Json.dll
    Allow three dots at the end of album titles
    Update UnRAR DLLs to version 6.01
    Fix C2 error mode for selected drives (LG GH24NSD1, ASUS DRW-24D5MT)
    Codecs: Update libmp3lame plugin dlls to 3.100
    Codecs: Update libFLAC to 1.3.3 git 27c6157. This fixes an issue with compression efficiency, depending on CPU type.
    CUERipper: Add access key shortcuts, update TabIndex
    CUETools: Add and update access key shortcuts
    CUETools: Add tooltips to frmChoice buttons