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FB v1.6.5 loops


I would like to install foo_spider_monkey_panel-1.4.1.
install process works.
after restarting foobar, i would like to install the panel in
foo_ui_columns-1.6.0 in a tab-stack as a fixed panel.
can't, because foobar-1.6.5 loops.

I also tried with foo_uie_wsh_panel_mod-1.6.3; foobar also loops.

can anyone help? - thank you

Re: FB v1.6.5 loops

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Hi there,

What do you mean by "loops"? Does it crash?

Perhaps you could post a screenshot or the crash report? (You can attach screenshots on this forum by dragging the file under the reply box)



Re: FB v1.6.5 loops

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no, fb does not crash
no feedback, no more input possible
i can only cancel fb with the task manager

Re: FB v1.6.5 loops

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I tried it again today.
I was now able to install both panels.
no idea what was yesterday

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