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Topic: twolame 0.4.0: full static Windows build possible? (Read 371 times) previous topic - next topic
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twolame 0.4.0: full static Windows build possible?

I found two source archives for twolame 0.4.0: SourceForge and GitHub. Both provide different binaries, but not for Windows. So I tried to compile the sources in an MSYS2/MinGW environment (provided by the media-autobuild suite).

As documented, the basic automake process worked, a small binary was built with GCC 10.2, and it ran. So I copied the frontend/twolame.exe elsewhere ... and it did not work anymore. Nothing happened.

A closer analysis revealed that this was just a wrapper for the real binaries: frontend/.libs/twolame.exe and libtwolame/.libs/libtwolame-0.dll (it seems to locate these to run them from their installation location when called).

As long as both are copied to the same directory, they seem to work well. But I wonder if it is possible to create a really static build, everything in one EXE. I tried to configure --enable-static but that was not sufficient.

Re: twolame 0.4.0: full static Windows build possible?

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 * By default, when you use this header file, it is configured to use
 * symbols from the "twolame.dll" file. If you use the static version of
 * the library, define LIBTWOLAME_STATIC prior to including this header.

Try that and see if it does what you want.

Re: twolame 0.4.0: full static Windows build possible?

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I've posted a win32 binary at Rarewares. It uses the libsndfile dll which is included.

Re: twolame 0.4.0: full static Windows build possible?

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how can i create a free format encoding with "450kbts"?

Re: twolame 0.4.0: full static Windows build possible?

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Thank you both. Food for experiments.

"Free format" encoding means that the header does not tell a target bitrate of each audio block, they will be as big as they are, and audio players won't rely on a bitrate per block. It's not meant to enforce a constant specific bitrate here. The blocks will have a size at the accuracy saturation limit, which depends a lot on the encoded audio material.

Re: twolame 0.4.0: full static Windows build possible?

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Actually, most encoders only support "free format" at a constant bitrate. The only way to delineate packets in Free Format MP3 is by searching forward indefinitely until you find another sync word.

I do not think that MP2 has a "free format", however.

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