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How can I convert DVD-Audio do DSD ?

I have some ISO files with DVD/Audiothat I want to convert to DSD64 (DSF). Foobar can't do that. I have Sonore prog but it's not working now (execute button is silent).
Any advice of free sotf?

Re: How can I convert DVD-Audio do DSD ?

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First, you need to decode DVD-Audio to wav. foobbar2000 with foo_input_dvda can do this.
Free tools that can convert to DSD: PCM-DSD_Converter (i didn't test 64 bit english version, but 32 bit english version is broken, so 64 bit english version may be broken too. Use japanese version) and unofficial modification of SoX
command for sox to convert to DSD64 will be like this:
Code: [Select]
sox.exe inputfile.wav outputfile.dsf rate -v 2822400 sdm -f sdm-8
Effect sdm does conversion to DSD.
sdm [-f filter] [-t order] [-n num] [- latency]
Apply a 1-bit sigma-delta modulator producing DSD output. The input should be previously upsampled, e.g. with the rate effect, to a high rate, 2.8224MHz for DSD64. The -f option selects the noise-shaping filter from the following list where the number indicates the order of the filter:
clans-4    sdm-4
clans-5    sdm-5
clans-6    sdm-6
clans-7    sdm-7
clans-8    sdm-8
The noise filter may be combined with a partial trellis/viterbi search by supplying the following options:
-t   Trellis order, max 32.
-n   Number of paths to consider, max 32.
-l   Output latency, max 2048.
The result of using these parameters is hard to predict and can include high noise levels or instability. Caution is advised.

Actually, using foobar2000 with its converter, foo_input_dvda and SoX, you can convert directly from DVDA to DSD.

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