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File Operations: Link fails with I/O Error

Long-time Foobar user with a new problem.

Background - I have a new vehicle (2021 Hyundai Santa Fe) with all the infotainment bells & whistles, but amazingly it does not recognize M3U playlists. Searching for an alternative, another owner said he used a complex Windows script to create hard links in individual folders; the car recognized these and played them as expected.

So I remembered seeing the "Link" option in Foobar's File Operations dialog, and thought I would try that. Problem is, every file operation fails with I/O error win32 #1. This is on a 32GB USB flash drive, all music under artist folders, and I am trying to place the links in a separate folder.

Anyone have any suggestions? Or, anyone else with a Hyundai/Kia product with a workaround for the lack of playlist functionality?

Re: File Operations: Link fails with I/O Error

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Update - this works if the files and the destination folder are on a fixed HDD, but fails on a flash drive.

Re: File Operations: Link fails with I/O Error

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I figured it out. FAT32 does not support links, I reformatted the flash drive using NTFS and it works. Now to see if the car can read the links...

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