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IDENTIFY: was/is there playlist "synchronisation" component?

Is (or was there) a component that
  • tracks the state of foobar2000-internal playlist (both manual or autoplaylist) and..
  • ... automatically stores its tracks as a static (m3u8) playlist file on disk?

I think I once saw such a component; point 2 might have been only semi-automatic (e.g. use of context menu). But neither forum search nor wiki turned up a promising candidate.

Background/Use case: playback hand-picked subsets of my library (hosted on a public SMB share) through VLC for Android. Manually maintaining dozens of playlist files sounds painful.

Re: IDENTIFY: was/is there playlist "synchronisation" component?

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Playlist manager

It's all done automatically plus many more features. Although I can not support fpl playlist without user intervention, since the format is not open and there is no SMP method to save fpl playlists to path. m3u8 is supported BUT there is a huge load speed penalty.

Re: IDENTIFY: was/is there playlist "synchronisation" component?

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1.You have 3 choices : a component (autoplaylists have yellow color).

The second option : a script JS Smooth Playlist Manager (you need to install a component , foo_spider_monkey_panel, After install, add a panel to your layout - Spider monkey panel, and then load the script JS Smooth Playlist Manager.) This script is located in foobar2000\user-components\foo_spider_monkey_panel\samples\js-smooth

Option number 3 : a script it's a playlist manager, you need this component : foo_spider_monkey_panel and then after you add a panel (Spider Monkey panel) to your layout, you load this script named playlist_manager. This playlist manager is cool because , for example you can change the color of the font for autoplaylists, let's say red, and many other things. If you want this script you have to ask the developer to sent you the script, you can send him an email here:  (Well, it seems the developer of the script , regor, was a bit faster and answered already, haha , I wrote the message but I didn't get to sent it and then after more than 1 hour I sent the message but he already answered) So, this playlist manager is definitely the best option , you should try it.

2.... automatically stores its tracks as a static (m3u8) playlist file on disk?
This can be done by this playlist manager that I told you about earlier (Option number 3)


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